Mergers & Acquisitions We provide contacts with serious prospective customers!
Mergers & Acquisitions We provide contacts with serious prospective customers!

Mergers & Acquisitions - Consulting on buying and selling companies

We provide contacts with serious prospective customers!

Your specialist for transactions of small and medium-sized enterprises


Since 1998, we observe and analyze various Indus operating ranches. With this knowledge and expertise with our methods, we develop tailored solutions for customi-company transactions.


After a takeover, we support you in a realistic assessment of synergy potentials and then to fully use. We achieve this by careful that

  • the workforce mitträgt the transaction,
  • Hierarchies, structures and operations are adjusted accordingly and
  • taken on board the bought-operation feels.

In sales, we support you in working out the used and unused business potential. On this basis, we propose a strategy for how the buying interest is to wake up.

Why external consultants

As a neutral participant in the transaction process, we estimate the expected results realistically.


We guarantee anonymity and discretion as long as necessary and appropriate.

Our services at a glance

  • Business model analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Design of information policy and preparation of documents for buyers
  • Explore the opportunities to purchase or sale of businesses
  • Advice on the review of the bid-alternative
  • Facilitation of negotiations
  • Coordination of laws, regulations and tax

Your benefits

  • They are relieved by answering inquiries and time-intensive contacts with interested parties.

  • They only lead negotiations with serious buyers.

  • They speed up the transaction process by clarifying the expectations of stakeholders and their creditworthiness in advance.

  • You have a partner who accompanies the entire transaction process and koordinert.

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