Position analysis

You define positions that will underpin the competitiveness of your company through our expertise.

Aspects of our approach

The position analysis is to clarify

  • which task content shall be assigned a position to cover the competitive ability of the company,
  • what requirements must be satisfied to meet the challenges,
  • what business / management culture is lived and to be lived.

The results of the analysis are documented in a position Job profile and from

  • derived requirements for the position holder and creates a suitable profile for applicants,
  • compiled templates for candidate information.

The clearer the requirements are formulated to increase the higher the chances of finding suitable candidates.

The results of a tailored to the situation, detailed position analysis form the basis for the development

  • a strategy for candidate search ,
  • can be addressed with a candidate profile the candidate and assessed reputable.


Your benefits

  • Stimulating discussions on strengthening the competitive position
  • Instruments to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of business organization and staff qualifications
  • meaningful qualification profiles as a basis to prepare for candidate interviews

Our expertise

Structuring of a goal-oriented approach

  • Design of effective and efficient organizational structures
  • Guiding the discussion of different points of view



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