Restructuring You reach targets through our experience!
Restructuring You reach targets through our experience!

Structuring and guidance of restructuring processes!

You reach targets and win the workforce as a supporter through our experience!

Aspects of our approach

Changes in the business environment require changes in the company. Therefore you have to discuss on time with the workforce, in which direction the adjustment is to take place. Is there about a disagreement between the majority of the workforce and the  company management, this should be clarified and eliminated.


If there is an agreement on the direction of the adjustment, goals and appropriate measures can be derived. Even at this stage, the workforce must be involved in the information flow. Ideally, employees are a source of ideas.


If obstructions occur at the stage of implementation - also mentioned by the workforce, they have to be investigated thoroughly. Identified obstacles must not be tolerated and must be removed immediately.


The implementation of changes is only sustainable with success if they are supported enthusiastically by the workforce.

Your benefits

We design for you a guide that is tailored to the situation and helps you to manage the restructuring process and avoid mistakes.


We provide our capacity, when the situation requires, and thereby efficiency is being improved.


We are your impartial interlocutor who will assist you during setbacks.

Our expertise

  • Structuring and guidance of restructuring processes
  • Design of workshops to promote cooperation on concrete projects
  • Facilitation techniques that allow you to win the workforce as a supporter
  • Project management, which allows you to keep an eye on costs and schedules



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