Business model analysis Generating innovation and growth by business model analysis!
Business model analysis Generating innovation and growth by business model analysis!

Generating innovation and growth by business model analysis!

You develop new ideas and generate growth in lucrative markets with our expertise!

Aspects of our approach

Methods and strategies that correspond to the current zeitgeist and "many" apply are not a measure of us. Our solutions are developed with the aim of "improving competitiveness", i.e. you gain competitive advantage and grow in lucrative markets.


The business model analysis consists of four interwoven elements - product / service, income, resources, processes - with which the value is generated.


We check the way in what the business model is attacked by external innovations and loses its profitability.


We are looking for innovation in working groups with efficient creativity tools, adapted to the situation.


It created as a result, no "blueprints", but - even radical - innovations that are tailored to your situation.


We implement innovations safely by integrating your workforce.

Your benefits

  • You will receive a decision basis
    • with ad hoc measures to improve competitiveness,
    • to adopt the business model,
    • to develop new business models,
    • for innovations,
    • for growth in lucrative markets.
  • You optimize the culture of innovation.


Our services at a glance

  • Design and guidance of workshops
  • Implementation of innovation processes in the enterprise organization
  • Guiding of projects as an interim manager


Our expertise

  • Instruments for systematic analysis of business models
  • Instruments for analysis of strengths /weaknesses compared to the competition,
    opportunities /risks of innovation
  • Tools for the design of innovation workshops



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